Cartoners are particularly required in the food & beverage and cosmetics industries. From horizontal to vertical cartoners and sleevers, Dominion Automation has a variety of machines to meet the specifications your product needs. Beyond that, our engineers and technicians work in tandem to meet the custom requirements your plants’ unique challenges may represent.


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    HD-CMA – Heavy Duty Continuous Motion Autoload Cartoner

    The HD-CMA Cartoner is ideal for high demand product applications. The HD-CMA Cartoner can achieve speeds up to 300 cartons per minute. An innovative product orientator will automatically position the product to your specification.

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    HD-LSP – Heavy Duty Linear Servopack Autoload Cartoner

    The HD-LSP Horizontal Cartoner is a robust cartoner that can handle high-speed applications with ease. Capable of handling over 400 products per minute, the HD-LSP Cartoner has patent-pending technology incorporated into its design.

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    MK-500 – Compact Manual Load Cartoner

    TThe MK-500 cartoner provides an ultra-compact footprint for your cartoning needs. The system features an Allen Bradley controls system and standard category 3 safety. The machine can be mounted on casters for improved portability.


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    CE-GRT – Carton Erector with Gantry Robot Loader

    The CE-GRT – Carton Erector with Gantry Robot Loader features a unique combination of carton erecting and gantry robot technology. These two processes are combined into one machine, which reduces the overall footprint.

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    VC-VCA – Vertical Autoload Cartoner

    The VC-VCA – Vertical Autoload Cartoner is a high-speed vertical cartoner that can handle a variety of product applications. The VC-VCA features a very compact rotary turret to load bottles, jars, tubs, and more.

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    VV-VLM – Vector Vertical Manual Load Cartoner

    The VV-VLM – Vector Vertical Manual Load Cartoner is an innovative new product for the vertical cartoner market. The VV-VLM unique design allows a carton to be erected horizontally and then loaded vertically.


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    MK-CMS – Horizontal Continuous Motion Autoload Sleever

    The MK-CMS Sleever is a robust, high speed and rigid production system. This compact sleever can package the most complex sleeve applications with ease and reliability.

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    HD-CMS – Heavy Duty Continuous Motion Autoload Sleever

    The HD-CMS Sleever is a robust and heavy-duty sleever that can handle high-speed applications. This high-speed sleever features a timing screw infeed that accepts jars, tubs, or cups from a single lane.

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