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Do you need an experienced and dependable automation company near Ontario? At Dominion Automation, we have the knowledge and skills to help ensure that your equipment and processes run as smoothly as possible. From automation integration to PLC programming, we can do it all. Learn more about how we can help when you contact us today.

Professional Automation Solutions

With the help of our experienced team, you can improve any step of your production process, from speed regulation to precision positioning. We offer a wide range of equipment to meet all of your needs and dedicated staff to answer all of your questions.

For over 15 years, Dominion Automation has provided manufacturing businesses with the programming, equipment, and services they require. If you want to upgrade and modernize your system, give us a call today at 1 (888) 406-2515. You can also learn more about the specific equipment and solutions that we offer below.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with class-leading automation products, services, and equipment that increases throughput and improves quality in all stages of their production.

About Company

Dominion Automation is an automation, and control system integration company located in Cambridge Ontario who specialize in automated solutions for industries including food and beverage, packaging as well as material handling. From machine operation and control to industrial networks and plant wide SCADA systems, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your project is a success. Our core competencies lie in engineering, integration, design, programming & project management and continuously exceed our customers’ expectations. Dominion Automation is a supplier of automated packaging machinery.


Food & Beverage

Dominion Automation designs industrial packaging & robotic system solutions…

Cosmetics Personal Care

The cosmetic & personal care industry has many varieties of product container sizes and shapes…

General Industrial

Dominion Automation offers a wide range of systems…


Dominion Automation is experienced within the automotive manufacturing process…

Plastic & Rubber

Dominion Automation offers a custom solution designed to the plastics & rubber industry…

Water Management

Dominion Automation is well experienced with various water processes…

Energy / Nuclear

Dominion Automation offers a custom solution designed to the energy & nuclear industry…

Material Handling

Dominion Automation offers a custom solution designed to the material handling industry…


Dominion Automation can help you optimize your metals and production processes…


Our Capabilities

  • Automation Integration

    Dominion Automation provides expert PLC programming, HMI development, industrial networking, and SCADA services for your application.

  • Automation Design Consultation

    Whether you are at an early stage of your project, or you just started and need assistance, our dedicated experienced team can be deployed at any stage.

  • Motion Control

    From simple speed regulation applications to high precision positioning via servo systems let Dominion Automation integrate the motion control system that is right for your application.


    SCADA systems are used to monitor and control a plant or equipment in industries such as telecommunications, water and waste control, energy, oil and gas refining and transportation.

  • Retrofits & Upgrades

    Whenever you want to modernize or upgrade your existing hardware & controls, contact Dominion Automation.

  • Robotics Cells

    Whether your application requires SCARA or articulated, multi-axis arms, Dominion Automation has the experience to integrate any style of robot into your process.

  • Electrical/Control System Design

    Dominion Automation will develop a complete design package aimed at facilitating an efficient panel build, installation, and provide clear reference material.

  • Accredited Agency Certified Panel Building

    Dominion Automation utilizes trade certified electricians to build electrical/control panels at our facility in Cambridge, ON.

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