All-Fill Checkweighers, formerly Alpha Checkweighers, who specializes in the design and manufacturing of a comprehensive range of online, in production weighing and weight control equipment. As renowned checkweigher manufacturers, All-Fill prides themselves on the versatility of their equipment. All-Fill checkweigher machines can be adapted to handle virtually every package, bag, carton, box, and bottle. Standard checkweigher models are available for the quickest deliveries in the industry. All-Fill never turns away an opportunity to install our trusted, quality instruments no matter what the environment. In addition, integration of the checkweigher system with OEM metal detectors is common and highly encouraged when constructing production lines where quality and safety are a necessity.

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    Model EW/8 is All-Fill’s economical solution for users and applications that may only require an entry level checkweigher.

    The EW/8 offers 0.5g resolution.

    Utilizing a strain gauge load cell for weighing packages up to 5 lbs and operating at speeds of up to 120 packages per minute, makes the EW/8 just as versatile and reliable as other All-Fill models.

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    The High Precision checkweigher is capable of handling packages up to 8 lbs at a speed of 300 containers per minute. Due to use of an electromagnetic force restoration load cell, that comes standard with the HP/14, some applications can achieve accuracies of ± 100mg. Easily integrated with any filler, bagger, and metal detector, an All-Fill Checkweigher is the strategic packaging solution to avoid product waste and increase efficiencies.

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    Weighing packages up to 10 lbs at speeds of 250 containers per minute, All-Fill’s CW/10 is the checkweigher for fast and accurate weighing applications. Our modular design offers the ruggedness and durability for demanding production environments. The CW/10 can achieve accuracies to 0.5 grams, depending on the application. Save money and maximize efficiencies with our seamless filler integration and feedback capabilities.

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    All-Fill’s model PW/12 power weigh table is the reliable and accurate checkweighing solution for flexible and rigid containers and packages up to 8 lbs. Operating at speeds of up to 250 packages per minute, the PW/12 can accurately weigh ± 0.5g depending on the application. The PW/12 features a precision digital load cell and is the most popular unit due to its versatility.

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    All-Fill’s heavy weight checkweigher is ideal for handling up to 200 lbs. of weight and operating at speeds of 50 packages per minute. Featuring 4 load cells, the HW/15 can weigh with an accuracy of ± 0.25 oz depending on the application. Reduce waste and increase accurate production with a heavy weight checkweigher from All-Fill.

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    For fast and accurate weight control of cases, bulk bagged products, corrugated boxes or other medium weight items up to 35 lbs., trust All-Fill’s model MW/16 to get the job done. Consisting of a versatile digital strain gauge load cell, the MW/16 can operate at speeds of 70 packages per minute with an accuracy of ± 2 grams depending on application.

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