Cobots, or collaborative robots, are robots intended for direct human robot interaction within a shared space, or where humans and robots are in close proximity. Cobot applications contrast with traditional industrial robot applications in which robots are isolated from human contact. Cobots are ideal for situations where small parts need to be handled, and where careful inspection is required.

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    Dual-arm YuMi® - IRB 14000

    YuMi was a game-changer and heralded a new era where people and robots safely and productively work side-by-side, without barriers.

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    Single-arm YuMi® - IRB 14050

    This is ABB’s most agile and compact collaborative robot yet, and can be easily integrated into any production environment.

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    Wizard Easy Programming

    An easy and intuitive way to program single-arm YuMi®.

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    Protecting operators and enhancing robot safety.

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