Case sealers ensure products are secure using either tape or hot-melt glue. Case sealers integrate with case packers to offer reliable packaging that increases quality and productivity. Case sealers can handle overlapping or sequentially folded flaps or tuck-folded flaps. We offer a variety of designs and can customize a system to fit your particular needs.


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    TBS-100 FC Case Sealer

    The reliable TBS-100 FC case sealer is a heavy duty solution for a wide range of case sealing applications. The welded tubular steel frame fits a wide range of applications and can be integrated with many Combi systems.

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    TBS H Sealer

    When you require added security to your filled corrugated cases or need to seal out food contaminants, Combi offers a semi-automatic case sealer with an H seal that securely seals both the top and bottom of your case with adhesive tape.

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    Hot Melt Case Sealers

    If your cases need a stronger bond than adhesive tape can provide, Combi’s TBS hot melt glue case sealers can provide the maximum seal integrity to ensure a secure case.

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    TBS-100 SA Case Sealer

    Combi’s TBS-100 SA case sealer is a solid performer for semi-automatic case sealing.  Built with the same heavy-duty tubular steel frame as other Combi equipment, the TBS-100SA is built tough for years of top performance.


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    TBS-100 FCXL Random Case Sealer

    Combi offers a reliable random case sealing solution for different size cases within a given range. This machine will accept different size cases coming from different case packing lines and securely seal the top and bottom of the cases.

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    TBS-100 FCXL Random Height Case Sealer

    The TBS-100 FCXL Random Height case sealer is a solid performer and eliminates costly downtime associated with changing over case sizes. Built with heavy duty tubular steel, this case sealer is built tough for years of top performance.

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    RS2000/3000 Random Sealers

    Built for speed and flexibility, our RS series random case sealers are ideal for high volume lines with varying case sizes in distribution or fulfillment centers or manufacturing sites where different lines converge for sealing.

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    3M-Matic™ Case Sealers

    3M-Matic™ Case Sealers are consistent and durable, require low maintenance and help your case sealing operations run reliably.

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