Dominion Automation is pushing the limits with its bottle unscrambling and integrated packaging machinery. Whether you are searching for a compact solution or are wanting to add unscramblers to your existing production line, we have various options of unscramblers to meet your needs. Our bottle unscramblers will be the perfect fit for your food and beverage plant.

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    Model P

    The Model P, formerly known as the Palace Packaging Compact Model, is ideal for operations with limited space or integrating with existing packaging lines. It’s versatile, compact design feeds many shapes and sizes of bottles. It has the smallest footprint of any unscrambling machine with an internal bulk hopper. The Model P uses a starwheel for consistent and accurate container orienting. The Model P is safe to operate, simple to maintain and easy to understand and install.

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    PB Series

    The PB/Series is designed and manufactured and comes in either Model S/P or Model M/PB styles. All-Fill Unscramblers are well built for long lasting, consistent operation and offer a variety of bulk hopper/elevator sizes to suit your specific bottle size range and speed. This ‘belt & hook’ style system has a low profile design with quick, easy and repeatable changeovers. The PB/Series is safe to operate, simple to maintain and easy to understand. Each All-Fill Unscrambler can be easily configured and upgraded to ensure the right end solution.

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    Model S

    Our rigorous design and testing process ensures optimum sorting results and maximum system efficiency. Typically of a centrifugal bowl-style, this system is designed for sorting caps, lids and low profile jars. Containers are consistently positioned and discharged onto a conveyor, chute, or directly into a puck. A wide selection of sizes available to suit your specific product and production requirements.

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    Model H

    Typically sold in pair with unscrambling machines, All-Fill offers a variety of hopper sizes to suit your production needs. Solid construction ensures rugged, long lasting performance.

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